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How pre-paid works

If you don't want to sign a contract you can elect to pre-pay for your mobile phone service. These pre-paid services are referred to as "starter kits" and provide you with:

  • a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that slips into the handset and allows you to access the mobile phone network.
  • a limited number of call plans. You will need to choose one.
  • a recharge card. These cards are similar to phone cards and hold a certain amount of call credits. You use up the call credits when making phone calls. How far the credits go will depend on how often you use the phone and the call plan that you have chosen.
  • the terms and conditions of use.

Recharge cards will last until a specified date. Once all the call credits are used up you will need to buy another recharge card. Generally, if you have call credits left at the expiration of the recharge card they are added to the total of a new recharge card. Check the terms and conditions for information on how the network service provider deals with unused call credits.


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