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2015 Money Stuff Challenge

The 2015 Money Stuff Challenge is now closed.

This year's competition asked students to:

  • Be involved in the classroom
  • Be informed about fair trading consumer issues
  • Be creative with a consumer message and develop an interactive presentation for peers
  • Be smart and ensure the presentation is submitted on time, meets the brief and doesn’t breach any copyright laws.

We have received hundreds of entries from year 8-10 high school students across the state all hoping to share in the cash prize pool of $16,000.  

The People's Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards carry a cash prize of $500 for the winning schools and $150 for each student from the winning entry. In this part of the competition, you get the opportunity to vote for your favourite finalists in both the metro and regional areas.

Voting in the 2015 People's Choice is NOW CLOSED! We will publish details on all our competition winners in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

What teachers say about the Money Stuff Challenge

 “It made students not only aware of a range of consumer issues but encouraged them to research more deeply about issues that both interested them and were relevant to their real life experiences. They also had to develop an awareness of techniques and skills to get their message across. It deepens knowledge and thinking skills.” Joseph Nolan, John Paul College, Coffs Harbour

“It reinforced what students were learning about. A great competition that really engages the students.” Mark Divola, Asquith Girls High School

“It is gratifying that our students are capable of identifying and naming sections of the Australian Consumer Law after a year of Commerce as it encourages them to be savvy consumers and gives them great confidence to know about the law and their rights.” Daniel Cusick, Normanhurst Boys High School

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